Lis MacDonald

Purchasing a book on watercolor 25 years ago while on a trip, I was immediately awed by the beautiful watercolor paintings depicting landscapes with golden yellows, royal blues, deep violets, raspberry reds and refreshing greens. They were breathtaking. It was I then that decided to become a watercolor painter.
I have taken numerous classes and workshops from well-known watercolor artists such as Stephen Quiller, Nita Engle, Tony Couch, Mel Stabin, Gerald Brommer, Dale Laitinen and Michael Reardon. I also have accumulated a library of books from which I glean ideas and techniques for improvement.
Painting in an impressionistic style is challenging. It is my wish to condense the subject and convey my feelings about the scene rather than painting every detail. Evolving from landscapes to city- and townscapes, seascapes and animal portraits are aspects of my artistic journey.
Several years ago, I discovered alcohol ink painting on Yupo paper, which has allowed me to not only paint more impressionistically but become more abstract. The colors are as vibrant as watercolors.
Painting is like Zen to me, I become totally entranced in the process, and feel refreshed when finished.